BISTON company is producer of equipment for gaming (amusement with price) market. Main products at the present time are automatic electromechanical roulettes, HOT TIPS station for presentation of game statistics and finally on-line management system BGMS for BISTON roulettes and for other gaming machines over internet network. All mentioned products were developed right in BISTON company.

BISTON company was established in the year 1994. Roulette development started in July 2003 and the first roulette was sold in April 2004. Since this time about 400 roulettes in several design and model lines was made in BISTON. They are working in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, etc.

Commercial boom of BISTON products is a result of continual effort for high quality and reliability. It is also result of unusual customer services.


ruleta on-line

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ruleta system


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