Biston Roulettes

Automated Electromechanical Roulettes

Biston Roulette is multiplayer AWP (amusement-with-price) equipment. Players can play the game known as an American Roulette on this AWP. Roulette works automatically without attendance of croupier. Drawing of the winning number is made by ball, which is thrown in the roulette bowl by current of wind against the direction of rotation of the roulette wheel. Bets entry, detection of winning number, win evaluation and presentation of the game results is made electronically by means of sensors, special peripheral equipments and finally by means of computer software.

Own Development, Sophisticated Conception

All the roulette - from custom PCBs (boards) through the software to the cabinet design - it is result of author development done by Biston company. This fact makes it possible to implement very quickly any modifications invoked by needs of our customers or by changes in the legislative related to operation of the roulettes.

Quality and Reliability

Biston Roulettes are made up with the highest quality components (sensors, bill-acceptors, monitors, touch-screens, drives, etc.). All components are attentively tested. All roulettes are long term tested before expedition as well. Detailed production and testing records are made and archived. As a result of all this facts we reach very high operational reliability of our roulettes.

After-Sale Customer Service

Biston company puts the strong accent on technical support of roulettes in the phase of operation.
This sphere includes namely:

Very important instrument of the operational service is BGMS (Biston Gaming Management System),
which makes it possible to monitor and manage connected Biston Roulettes on-line.

Attractivity of Biston Roulettes for Players

Biston company has always in mind the fact, that roulette has to catch players. That is why Biston Roulettes are characterized by attractive design, general and eye-taking graphic art of players screens, full vision of the roulette wheel from the player position, pleasant keyboards with plain response to press, complete localization of all text and voice output, comfortable armrests, etc. You can snap players to game also by means of the equipment Hot Tips.



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