BGMS - Biston Gaming Management System

System for Remote Administration and Management of Roulettes and Other AWP

BGMS is on-line system for data communication between Biston Roulettes (ev. other gaming equipment)
and central database server BGMS in real time (on-line).

Communication is bidirectional and includes both data collection from roulettes to BGMS server
and controlling roulettes through data transfer from BGMS server to roulette server.

What Is the Structure Of Informations About Roulettes?

Structure of informations stored in BGMS is relevant to real life.
Roulettes are situated in gambling clubs, clubs has its owners, roulettes has owners
and also operators and financial managers, etc.
All of this leads to clear and pleasant work with BGMS and also to data acquisition in time.

What Can Be Find Out About Roulettes In BGMS?

Roulettes sends to BGMS server all information about:

The last but not least BGMS enables transfer of pictures from cameras installed on roulettes.

What Can Be BGMS Used To In the Sphere of Remote Administration and Management of Roulettes?

The big advantage for technical supervising of roulettes is possibility to upgrade remotely
all roulette software (new SW versions) and also to download files from roulette to local PC.
In case of need authorized person can stop and lock game on roulette from BGMS terminal.
BGMS allows to unlock roulette, of course.

Why To Use BGMS?

Biston Gaming Management System is very efective and powerfull instrument for to continuously:



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